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Stockyard & Workshop

Stockyard & Workshop

Located in Mumbai, SP Metal has a big store yard which is located over an area of 125,000 sq. ft. Our location is very convenient as it helps in easy access to the main roads which lead to other cities, and also to the sea port.

What are the Plant Facilities?

We have a huge Workshop plant, with the following advantages:

  • There are two rolling mills with features like automatic cooling bed, TMT process and various advanced equipment for handling machineries.
  • There are two cold ribbing lines.
  • There are two advanced cutting and straightening lines.

Our plants are fully equipped with testing labs which consist of advanced testing machines. like SpectroMeter, Re Bending Machine, Rib Measuring Equipment, and Nitrogen Analyzer.

Our products are made following the international standards and they go through several tests which confirms their quality. We have trained and experienced staff, who supervise the whole manufacturing process efficiently.

What are the cut and bend facilities available?

At SP Metal, different types of cut and bend facilities are available which helps us to manufacture our products with precision:

  • Cadormatic Shear Line
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Heavy-Duty Rebar Bending Machines that comes with Single Bending Tables
  • Manual Cutting Machines
  • Twinmaster 12S
  • Automatic Double Bender
  • Spiral Making Machines

With all these advanced tools and equipment, we are capable of offering our clients with high quality products at competitive prices. Our pipes, plates and round bars can be customized according to your requirements. We ensure to maintain dimensional accuracy so that our products fit your needs perfectly.

List Of Machineries

  • Elbow Beveling Machine
  • Tee Beveling Machine
  • Hydraulic Press 300 Tons Capacity
  • Radial Driling Machine
  • Conventional Machine
  • Tee Cold Forming Machines
  • Hydraulic Press 150 Tons Capacity
  • Heat Treatment For Forged Fittings
  • CNC Lath
  • Oil Fired Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Elbow Cold Forming Machines
  • Portable Temperature Indicator

Sales Executive

  • Able to meet sales goals.
  • Can converse and listen to client needs easily.
  • Good counter-objection skills.
  • Can solve and meet customer problems and demands.
  • Full-time job with a top package with an array of incentives.
  • Maintain records accurately.
  • Work closely with the sales team to improve the performance of the team.
  • Easily showcase our wide range of products.
  • Meeting clients during a sales meeting or virtually.